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EDI Solutions provides EDI full services, outsourcing, AS2 setup, barcode label printing, UPC ticket printing, mapping, in-house accounting and EDI interface creation, custom programming, turnkey EDI system and consulting services specifically for the Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange applications. All EDI Solutions services are proven and guaranteed. With more than 15 years of industry experiences, and a list of outstanding client references - We are ready to implement you EDI immediately. Take control of your EC/EDI initiative and your budget.

Each client of EDI Solutions has the same objective - Implement EDI quickly with their trading partners so that orders can flow through EDI smoothly. EDI Solutions has express access to all major retailers. EDI Solutions is an approved EDI provider for most of the major retailers. This is the reason why EDI Solutions is able to set up your EDI in 1 to 3 days in most cases.

You do not need to purchase any EDI software. You do not need to have additional computer hardware. You do not need to have any EDI knowledge. You do not need to deal with EDI setup and testing. You do not need to tackle daily EDI transmission problems. You do not need to monitor your EDI traffic daily. You do not need to risk receiving huge chargebacks when you ship your goods. You do not need to hire EDI consultants or high salaried EDI coordinator. All you need is an Email address.

Our philosophy at EDI Solutions is:

Happy clients refer more clients to us. That is how EDI Solutions has achieved a long list of highly satisfied clients.

EDI Solutions also offers PRICE GUARANTEE - within 3 months of your EDI service, if service fee is found lower elsewhere EDI Solutions will match or beat the price.